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The Future of Coral Reef Restoration. Our carbon-negative, seawater-resistant concrete not only supports coral growth but also combats climate change, revolutionizing marine conservation and construction.

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Revolutionizing Coral Reef Conservation with Partanna

The global importance of coral reefs is undeniable, contributing an estimated $35.8 billion annually to tourism. Yet, these vital ecosystems face unprecedented threats due to climate change, including ocean acidification and coral bleaching. Partanna emerges as a beacon of hope in this scenario.

Partanna's Oceanic Impact

Innovative Material for a Sustainable Future

Partanna materials stand out with their unique properties. Unlike traditional concrete, which exacerbates climate issues, Partanna becomes stronger in seawater and actively removes carbon dioxide from both the ocean and atmosphere. This dual action not only aids in building robust infrastructures but also plays a crucial role in mitigating climate change and ocean acidification.

Life Sustaining Technology

Partnering with Nature

Our collaboration with the KAUST Reef Ecology Research Lab has been a game-changer. Our technology, designed to sustain coral life, has been rigorously tested and validated, showing remarkable results in promoting coral growth without harming the delicate coral ecosystems.

"Partanna has developed ground-breaking technology to produce concrete that absorbs CO₂ and is, therefore, climate positive. However, most importantly, they have developed a system that mimics how corals, the great cement producers of the biosphere, do it, as they can incorporate brine as the essential feedstock of Partanna concrete.”

Carlos M. Duerte, Distinguished Professor at King Abdullah University and Technology

Our carbon-negative technology creates foundations that not only withstand harsh marine conditions, but also play an active role in carbon sequestration. This process is vital in combating climate change and fostering coral growth, offering a sustainable solution for both marine life and the environment.

Enhanced Circulation

Our structures allow for ocean currents to flow through, reducing structural stress and promoting healthier marine habitats.

Optimized Light Penetration

Designed to let sunlight reach deeper, our materials stimulate coral growth, essential for vibrant reef ecosystems.

Saltwater Resilience

Unique in becoming stronger in saltwater, Partanna ensures long-lasting, durable shelters for marine life.

Invest In Our Oceans

Partanna is more than just a material; it's a commitment to a sustainable, vibrant future for our oceans. By choosing Partanna, you're not only investing in robust infrastructure but also in the preservation and regeneration of our precious coral reefs. Join us in this revolutionary journey towards a healthier planet.

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August 14th, 2023

Can Salty Concrete Quench The Water Crisis In The Middle East?

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November 3rd, 2023

How to Improve The Climate Resilience Of Coastal Real Estate

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