Bahamas scene show inside The Partanna cube.

We are Partanna

Building a world
that breathes

The problem

The construction industry is stuck in the stone age.

It's time to ditch the dinosaurs and get with the times.

Our Solution

Partanna is changing the way the world builds - for good.

Through advanced materials, and the power of chemistry, we're breathing new life into an industry.

Close up of the city environment inside the cube viewport.

Partanna's Vision

To delink development from pollution.

Construction that heals our planet, rather than harming it.

Carbon Credits: the future is Grey

Partanna consistently generates top-performing, technology-based, Avoidance and Removal credits.

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We’re on a mission to change the way the world builds – for good. Learn how you can hammer in your mark.

Build With Partanna

Partanna materials are stronger than traditional concrete. They can be cheaper, too. Learn why the world’s most visionary developers are choosing Partanna – to unlock competitive advantage and deliver a positive environmental impact.

Primary Product Uses

Learn how Partanna's technology is supporting various industries to decarbonize:

Project Portfolio

Real-world applications of Partanna's revolutionary technology.


Partanna Brick Pavers

Red Sea Global: carbon-negative pavers made from Saudi brine

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Rick Fox holding Partanna block outside Partanna Home.
The Partanna Home

Government of The Bahamas: the world’s first carbon negative concrete home

Learn more


Partanna High Traffic Pedestrian Pavers

Fontainebleau Hotel: paving the way to luxury

Learn more
News Hub

May 22nd, 2024

What is Net Zero Carbon Building?

We explore the standards, characteristics, and strategic actions necessary to achieve net zero-carbon buildings.

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April 22nd, 2024

Partanna and Saudi Readymix Forge a New Milestone: A Pioneering Deployment of Carbon-Negative Concrete in Jeddah Plant

Partanna completes a successful test-run of carbon-negative concrete at Saudi Readymix, showcasing its ability to plug-and-play into existing concrete plants.

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Pricing & Procurement

Partanna's nature positive binder is cost-competitive with Portland cement. Our raw materials are abundantly available and can be locally sourced in most large countries.

Rick Fox outside Partanna's first developed home.

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