The power of Brine

Brine, a highly concentrated solution of salt in water, is a significant byproduct of the global desalination industry. By using brine in our building materials, we tackle the environmental impact of its disposal, which can harm marine ecosystems.

Where possible, Partanna looks to use use brine,
a by-product of the desalination industry, instead
of freshwater, as a feedstock.

In doing so, Partanna can avoid the use of freshwater, repurpose waste, and help desalination plants increase their water yield. We plan to work closely with local desalination plants to secure a reliable source of brine.

We plan to work closely with local desalination plants to secure a reliable source of brine. This mutually beneficial arrangement can help address water scarcity issues in the region while providing us with a key ingredient for our concrete.

Ocean Healing Properties

Partanna Global also has pending patents for a new process that transforms water ejected from desalination plans into new materials that help heal the ocean.

Partanna’s technology has the potential to convert brine into a carbon-dioxide absorbing, non-toxic, usable material that supports marine life. If applied at a typical large-scale desalination plant, the technology could remove millions of units of carbon dioxide, daily, and reduce the amount of brine that ends up in our oceans and waterways.

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Pricing & Procurement

Partanna building materials are cost-competitive with traditional cement-based materials. Our core materials are abundantly available and can be locally sourced in most large countries.

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