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Partanna Global is on a mission to change the way the world builds, for good.

The production of Portland cement is responsible for almost 9% of global carbon emissions. It’s a problem that demands an innovate solution.

Partanna’s concrete products entirely avoid the use of Portland cement, cure at room temperature and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using the power of chemistry.

Our unique product is stronger than traditional concrete. It can be cheaper, too. Helping you build a competitive edge while making a positive environmental impact.

Grid of Partanna Bricks.

The Material Market Potential

The global green building materials market is projected to grow to USD950 billion by 2030.

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A Real Opportunity For Investment

New sustainable buildings will present a USD$24.7 trillion investment opportunity in emerging markets by 2030.


According to the Global Strategy Group, 88% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that are environmentally friendly.

A typical 1,250 Sq Ft Partanna home avoids and absorbs 182.6 tonnes of CO₂

This is the equivalent to taking 40 cars off the road for a whole year.


A survey conducted by Zillow found that 56% of homebuyers in the US consider eco-friendly features to be important when purchasing a home.

Partanna pavers leading to a pergola in a garden.

Product Availability

Partanna launched its business in November 2022 and has ambitious plans to expand accessibility to its technology and building materials. The business plans to build and operate facilities around the world, initially in key territories where it has long-term offtake agreements with customers, including The Bahamas, the Middle East and the United States. Currently, builders in the United States are able to purchase masonry products, including CMU Block and Pavers, from factories operated by Partanna.

Our Manufactured Products

Tiles, pavers, masonry products, decorative collections, pour-in-place solutions and readymix. Our technology unlocks the full spectrum of concrete products. And we’re supplying them to customers today. We are currently scaling up our business – and exploring new partnerships – that will allow us to provide these products to new customers around the world.

Featured Project

Partanna High Traffic Pedestrian Pavers

Fontainebleau Hotel: paving the way to luxury

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Grid of Partanna Bricks.

Below you can find more information about our technology, our products and their availability worldwide.

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Pricing & Procurement

Our unique products are stronger than traditional concrete. They can be cheaper, too. Learn why the world’s most visionary developers are choosing Partanna.

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