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Our unique products are stronger than traditional concrete. They can be cheaper, too. Learn why the world’s most visionary developers are choosing Partanna – to unlock competitive advantage and deliver a positive environmental impact.


Partanna launched its business in November 2022 and has ambitious plans to expand accessibility to its technology and building materials.

The business plans to build and operate facilities around the world, initially in key territories where it has long-term offtake agreements with customers, including The Bahamas, the Middle East and the United States.

Currently, builders in the United States are able to purchase masonry products, including CMU Block and Pavers, from factories operated by Partanna.

Product and Pricing:

Tiles, pavers, masonry products, coral reef infrastructure, pour-in-place solutions and readymix. Our technology unlocks the full spectrum of concrete products. And we’re supplying them to customers today.

Partanna can be used to power large-scale infrastructure projects, seawalls, commercial buildings, homes, roads and pavers. It also has decorative applications.

Our carbon-negative building materials have undergone rigorous third-party testing and evaluation, affirming their quality and performance meet U.S. and international building codes.

Partanna building materials are cost-competitive with traditional cement-based materials. Several key factors contribute to Partanna's cost competitiveness, including the utilization of locally-sourced recycled components, reduced processing costs, and the generation of carbon credits.

Partanna blocks stacked in the Partanna factory.

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Rick Fox stood next to Partanna block products.

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