Carbon Credits

The future is grey

Partanna is pioneering a new vertical within the Carbon Markets: Grey Carbon.

Grey Carbon refers to carbon that is removed from the atmosphere through the use of man-made technologies, such as our carbon negative concrete.

In 2022, Verra, the world’s largest greenhouse gas crediting program, listed Partanna’s technology on its VCS carbon credit registry. Partanna is the first verified carbon-absorbing building material to generate tradable carbon credits.

Partanna Credits

Now Available

Partanna is now actively marketing carbon credits related to several projects it delivered in 2023.

A limited selection of Partanna Avoidance and Removal credits are now available on the Patch marketplace, a prominent carbon credit trading platform.

Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) may be issued for the greenhouse gas emission reductions and removals associated with Partanna building materials.

Ongoing Development

Right to manage, commercialize and trade

As the IP originator, Partanna retains the right to manage, commercialize and trade carbon credits with its offtake partners. Partanna's dedicated carbon credit sales team is currently engaging in negotiations with several interested buyers in the private sector.

In addition, Partanna has existing credit-share agreements with customers and investors relating to projects they have helped to sponsor.

Giving Back

Partanna reinvests credit revenue into its business.

We do this to support its operations, ongoing scale-up activity and research and development efforts. By doing so – Partanna can achieve its mission of changing the way we build – for good. The business also plans to use a portion of its carbon credit revenues to support philanthropic purposes.

Tailored Credit Agreements

Retire Partanna Removal and Avoidance credits

Those who build with Partanna are able to retire Partanna Removal and Avoidance credits against the emissions associated with their projects. Exclusively available through a structured agreement with Partanna, ensuring compliance with legal and environmental regulations.

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