Aly Boyce
Director of New Business

Aly has spent her career in operational roles at growing startups. She previously worked at food tech companies Eat Just and Shiru, where she worked to combat the impacts of climate change arising from food and agriculture systems. Additionally, Aly spent 4 years at MightyHive where she supported the company and its founders through its acquisition by MediaMonks in 2018. In addition to extensive operating experience, Aly has led product strategy and business development efforts with a focus on go-to-market strategies for innovative new products.

Raised in The Bahamas, Aly has seen the impacts of a changing climate firsthand and understands how the inequities of climate change are impacting the most vulnerable. She is passionate about Partanna’s mission of delinking development from climate change to ensure the sustainable growth of emerging economies.

Aly holds a B.A. and B.S. from the University of California, Berkeley.