Mark Lukkarila
Scientific Advisor

Mark Lukkarila is a Scientific Advisor at Partanna. Mark brings technical expertise in the cement, concrete, masonry, and aggregate industries, and is a fellow of the American Concrete Institute.

Mark brings extensive knowledge of cementitious systems, cement and hydration chemistry, bringing over 35 years of experience in the industry. He has performed petrographic examinations of concrete, aggregates, and masonry as well as petrographic examination of historic mortars and concrete. Mark is a member of the Society of Concrete Petrographers. He also has extensive experience with mixture proportioning of concrete, masonry and stone veneer mortars, stucco, grout, and shotcrete mixes. Mark was formerly on the Board of Directors for the American Shotcrete Association (ASA) and a former technical editor for ASA’s Shotcrete Magazine.

Earlier in his career, Mark gained experience working in on projects such as the Los Angeles International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the Beacon Hill tunnel in Seattle, and the San Vicente Tunnel in San Diego. He also has experience working as a research laboratory manager and technical services director in the cement industry, where he became adept at interpreting process conditions through the use of clinker microscopy techniques as well as research and development, product performance, and identifying process related issues.

Mark is an active member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI). His participation in ACI includes: Chair of 225 -Guide to the Selection and Use of Hydraulic Cements, Chair of E701-Materials for Concrete Construction and Chair of 524-Plastering. Mark was also the past Chair of Committee 221 – Guide for Use of Normal Weight and Heavyweight Aggregates in Concrete. He is also currently an examiner and educator for ACI’s shotcrete nozzleman certification program and is a voting member of numerous ACI committees.

Mark also is very active in ASTM and was previously the chair of subcommittee C09.46 on shotcrete, and is was the task group chair for C294 and C295; both relate to concrete aggregates. He is also a voting member of numerous ASTM committees. Mark received a B.A. in Earth Science from the University of Minnesota Duluth.