Partanna and Saudi Readymix Forge a New Milestone: A Pioneering Deployment of Carbon-Negative Concrete in Jeddah Plant
Partanna completes a successful test-run of carbon-negative concrete at Saudi Readymix, showcasing its ability to plug-and-play into existing concrete plants.
Collaboration demonstrates integration of Partanna’s carbon-negative binder with Saudi Readymix’s aggregate, reducing the overall construction carbon footprint.
Supports Saudi Vision 2030 with the adoption of economy fueling eco-friendly construction materials throughout the Kingdom.

Partanna, a materials science pioneer in carbon-negative concrete technology, is excited to announce the successful completion of a groundbreaking test-run at Saudi Readymix (SRM), the premier producer of ready-mixed concrete in Saudi Arabia. This landmark event took place at SRM's block and paver facility located in Jeddah, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable construction practices.

This collaboration with Saudi Readymix, a respected leader in the construction materials industry, represents a significant leap forward in Partanna’s mission to revolutionize the building sector. During a full-shift operation, the teams demonstrated the seamless integration of Partanna’s innovative carbon-negative binder with SRM's existing aggregate to produce concrete blocks. This process utilized zero traditional Portland Cement, underscoring a joint commitment to environmental stewardship without compromising on quality or performance.

The concrete blocks produced during this test-run were subjected to rigorous third-party testing by ACES, a renowned materials and technology firm. The results were verified to meet the stringent Saudi standards (SASO), providing a robust testament to the reliability and superiority of Partanna’s carbon-negative solution.

This achievement is not just a technical milestone; it is a step forward towards a sustainable future. By showcasing that Partanna’s carbon-negative binder can act as a "plug-and-play" solution in existing concrete manufacturing plants, the way is being paved for a significant reduction in the construction industry’s carbon footprint.

As they celebrate this milestone with their partner, Saudi Readymix, Partanna looks forward to the widespread adoption of their technology. As Saudi Arabia drives forward its Vision 2030 initiatives, this venture serves not only as a testament to Partanna’s ingenuity, but to the dedication to sustainability across the kingdom.

"We are beyond pleased with the successful completion of our test-run in collaboration with Saudi Readymix, a testament to Partanna's capacity as a seamless, plug-and-play solution for sustainable construction. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Saudi Readymix for their openness and willingness to innovate alongside us. Their partnership not only underscores the feasibility of our carbon-negative technology in the real world but also propels us forward in our mission. Thank you, Saudi Readymix, for joining us in this critical journey to create and apply advanced materials for an advanced society."

Rick Fox, Co-Founder and CEO, Partanna

"Partanna has brought to the table a powerful innovation that aligns perfectly with Saudi Readymix's vision for sustainable and forward-thinking construction solutions. We are truly impressed by the efficacy and environmental benefits of Partanna's carbon-negative technology, and how it supports the kingdom’s Vision 2030. In our ambitious quest for vibrant society and thriving economy, these are the solutions the bring us forward. Their product is a game-changer, and we are proud to be part of a collaboration that echoes our mutual ambition for a greener, more innovative future.”

Chris Leptokaridis, Technical Director, Saudi Readymix