Rebekkah Swisher
Vice President, Sustainability

Rebekkah Swisher is the VP of Sustainability at Partanna. She is a chemical engineer with over 24 years of experience. Her career began at the global engineering firm, Parsons Corp., handling large-scale compliance reports for major petrochemical projects, such as Petrokemya’s multi-billion dollar Benzene II expansion.

From there, the bulk of her career was spent as the editor-in-chief of Chemical Engineering Magazine, the leading publication for chemical engineers across the process industries.

During her time at the helm of the outlet, between 2001 – 2013, Rebekkah witnessed rapid changes within the chemical engineering industry – as sustainability and environmentalism entered the mainstream.

During her time at Partanna, Rebekkah has been instrumental in securing extensive, third-party validation of the company’s technology.

Through her network of contacts within the chemical engineering community, she has secured endorsement of Partanna via peer-reviewed journals, built relationships with some of the most prestigious carbon credit registries, and managed third-party technical reviews of Partanna’s technology.

Rebekkah holds a B.S.Ch.E. from the University of Kansas.