Carbon Negative Concrete

As the world grapples with the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, why should the construction industry fall behind and be stuck in the stone age? 

At Partanna, we’re leading a building materials and advanced material science revolution to green our world. We're proud to introduce you to our groundbreaking solution: the world’s first carbon-negative concrete.

What is Carbon-Negative Concrete?

Traditional concrete production has long been a significant contributor to carbon dioxide emissions, but we're changing that narrative. Our carbon-negative cement not only delivers a sustainable alternative to conventional materials but actively works to reverse the environmental impact of construction activities.

By repurposing recycled materials and by-products from other manufacturing industries, we transform them into high-performance building materials that are stronger, greener and sustainable. Through Partanna’s chemistry and innovation, we've developed a process that not only negates carbon emissions but also actively removes CO₂ from the atmosphere, just like trees.

With our CO₂ absorbing concrete, sustainability in construction is no longer a fantasy; it’s a tangible reality. Join us in reshaping the future of construction by choosing carbon-negative concrete and building a better world for the future.

Explore the possibilities with Partanna and pave the way to a greener, more sustainable future; one carbon-negative project at a time.

The Harmful Effects of Concrete

We use 30 billion tons of concrete a year, making it the most utilized building material. However, the significant environmental challenges it causes are undeniable - from its raw material extraction to its creation. 

One of the main concerns is concrete’s substantial carbon footprint. Traditional concrete production is responsible for almost 9% of total yearly global CO₂ emissions. This carbon release is a major contributor to climate change. 

The process of manufacturing cement, the key component of concrete, involves heating limestone to high temperatures, which releases large quantities of CO₂ into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the extraction of raw materials such as sand and gravel for concrete production often leads to habitat destruction and ecosystem degradation.

Concrete also contributes to the urban heat island effect, due to its ability to absorb and retain heat, which exacerbates temperature increases in urban areas. Its impermeable nature can also disrupt natural water flow, which has been linked to flooding across the world. Furthermore, concrete runoffs are typically alkaline and can harm aquatic ecosystems by altering water pH levels and negatively impacting aquatic life.

Even when demolished, concrete structures generate substantial waste material, requiring significant energy to dispose of, leading to further pollution and habitat destruction. 

Whilst concrete has been a crucial development by humanity, offering undeniable structural utility - it’s time for concrete to evolve. That’s why Partanna created the first carbon-negative concrete; to revolutionize our planet’s construction industry. 

Our Solution - Sustainable Building Materials

At Partanna, we’ve come up with the ideal sustainable solution for the construction industry. Unlike conventional concrete, our carbon-negative concrete not only addresses pressing environmental issues resulting from traditional building materials but actively works to mitigate them.

To create our sustainable alternative, through applied material science innovation we began by recycling waste materials such as brine and slag, sourced from industries like desalination and steel production. These materials, which would otherwise lead to environmental risks as waste byproducts, are repurposed into the building blocks of our carbon-negative cement.

Through our unique blending process, which is conducted at ambient room temperature, these recycled ingredients undergo a chemical reaction. As they mix together, they generate compounds that actively absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, just like the natural carbon sequestration abilities of trees.

This absorption process reduces the carbon footprint of our concrete whilst also mitigating the effects of climate change by removing CO₂ from the environment.

Once CO₂ is absorbed into our mixture, it undergoes a chemical transformation, becoming permanently bound within the concrete. This ensures that the captured carbon remains sequestered, preventing its release back into the atmosphere.

The result is a carbon dioxide-absorbing concrete that exceeds performance targets whilst remaining durable, scalable and cost-effective. With Partanna, you can build a truly sustainable future.

With Partanna's CO₂ absorbing concrete, every construction project is the opportunity to fight climate change and create a greener, more resilient world. 

Our carbon-friendly concrete ranges from tiles, pavers, and masonry products to pour-in-place solutions and ready mix. We’ll work with you to create concrete structures that breathe.

Rick Fox holding Partanna block outside Partanna Home.
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Rick Fox holding Partanna block outside Partanna Home.
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Untold Benefits of Carbon-Negative Concrete

Partanna’s world’s first carbon dioxide-absorbing concrete offers benefits beyond any other traditional building materials.

Environmental Impact

By actively removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, our carbon-negative concrete significantly reduces the carbon footprint of construction projects. Our proactive approach to carbon sequestration helps fight climate change by minimizing the environmental impact of  building activities.

Sustainable Construction

Our CO₂ absorbing concrete provides a sustainable alternative to conventional materials, offering a greener option for architects, engineers and builders. Using recycled ingredients and green materials to minimize carbon emissions, our carbon-friendly concrete supports environmentally conscious construction projects.

Circular Economy

Our commitment to the circular economy extends to our carbon-negative cement. At the end of its lifecycle, our concrete can be crushed and reused as environmentally friendly aggregate. Our commitment is to ensure endless reusability, waste minimisation and sustainability. 

Better Performance

Our world’s first carbon dioxide-absorbing concrete sacrifices nothing in strength or performance to be eco-friendly. Our innovative blend of recycled ingredients develops concrete with exceptional strength, durability and versatility, exceeding the standards of conventional concrete. Our carbon-negative concrete is even strong enough to build durable houses in hurricane and flood-prone areas.

Urban Heat Island Mitigation

Unlike traditional concrete, which contributes to urban heat island effects due to its heat-absorbent nature, carbon-negative cement helps mitigate heat buildup in urban areas. Reducing heat absorption we give you green materials to create cooler and more comfortable urban environments.

Seawater Resistance and Reef Building:

Unlike conventional concrete, which degrades in seawater due to corrosion of its metal components, our carbon-negative concrete is exceptionally resistant to saltwater corrosion. This unique characteristic makes it the perfect solution for building artificial reefs, which will not only provide habitat for marine life but also promote coral growth and enhance marine biodiversity.

Our carbon-absorbing concrete offers the world’s leading solution to the environmental challenges associated with traditional building materials. By choosing our innovative concrete, you actively choose to contribute to a more sustainable future, whilst upgrading performance, maintaining costs and remaining eco-friendly. 

What Makes Us Different?

Our unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in every aspect of our operations sets us apart.

Unlike traditional concrete producers or other sustainable concrete companies, we’re not just aiming to minimize our carbon footprint – we’re creating compounding positive change with our carbon-negative concrete.

The main difference between carbon-negative and carbon-neutral concrete is the approach to carbon emissions. Carbon-neutral cement alternatives focus on achieving a net zero carbon footprint by offsetting carbon dioxide emissions generated during production.

Meanwhile, our products take carbon mitigation to the next level, actively removing it from the atmosphere during its production and life cycle. 

While carbon-neutral concrete mitigates emissions, carbon-negative concrete actively reduces overall atmospheric CO₂ levels. By proactively reducing atmospheric carbon, choosing Partanna means choosing a greener, more sustainable future. 

Rather than relying solely on alternative cement formulation, we’ve rewritten the rules on concrete, incorporating brine and slag during production to revolutionize building materials. Repurposing these materials minimizes waste, contributing to the circular economy, whilst reducing reliance on traditional cement production. 

By sequestering CO₂ from the atmosphere, our carbon-negative cement mimics the natural carbon absorption of trees, making for a greener, more sustainable world. 

Partanna’s carbon dioxide-absorbing concrete offers superior performance and durability compared to traditional concrete. As a result, it can meet the stringent requirements of construction projects, while helping developers and builders reach their sustainability goals.

Strong enough to withstand natural disasters and able to resist seawater corrosion, our advanced materials are not only changing construction on land, but underwater, too. 

With endless application to sustainable development projects, you have the materials to help protect our planet.

Why Build With Us?

We are devoted to combating climate change with sustainable, carbon-negative concrete solutions. 

Committed to remaining commercially viable, our products are cost-effective, stronger and have more applications than traditional concrete. Able to absorb carbon dioxide and prevent its release back into the atmosphere, our products are made of recycled materials and have practical applications throughout their lifecycle.

Partanna are raising the bar for carbon-negative concrete.